Nebula Zoo

Nebula Zoo

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Think you have good reflexes? Test your reflexes against that of your friends and people from around the world. Master this game and prove yourself to be the best! 

This is a fun space shooter, adventure and reaction skill test game where you rocket through space, searching for rare trapped animals from across the galaxy. Bring them back and add them to your zoo gallery!


  • Colourful retro graphics and character designs
  • Simple tap and play interface
  • Train your brain reaction by playing the game
  • Collectable items to power up your spacecraft
  • Alien encounters across three different planets
  • Suitable for players of all ages, both kids and adults 

How to Play

  • Simply tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher, release to fly lower
  • Avoid terrain and aliens, they can destroy your ship
  • Collect different powerups to improve your ship
  • Release rare trapped animals and add them to your zoo gallery


  • Collect zoo gallery items as they worth lots points
  • Super flight mode allows you to destroy enemies with your spacecraft for even more points.
  • Shields and weapons last for a limited time after equipped. Only one may be equipped at a time.
  • Unlock new planets, Mars and Uranus, by reaching 10,000 and 20,000 points respectively.
  • Each game planet is endless, with flight speed increasing every 30 seconds. This raises the level of difficulty the longer you stay alive in the game.

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