One Tap Info

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Version: v1.0.0.1 - Released on 19 Nov 2013

Unleashing all your popular device info by one tap.

With this absolutely free tool, you can fast access to all the most popular info about your device via a single tap.

Information included

  • Battery
  • Device & OS
  • Display
  • Memory
  • Network IPs
  • Processor
  • Storage
  • And more to come...

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Camping Toolkit

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 Built for BlackBerry

A clean modern design multifunction survival toolkit for your needs.

This useful clean modern design multifunction toolkit has everything you need for your next camping trip or outdoor activities!


  • Flashlight featues included: Torch, SOS and Morse Code Simulator via flashlight
  • Digital Compass
  • Digital Level Tool
  • Waypoints - Record your locations/waypoints and navigate to a selected waypoint using BlackBerry Map. You can also share waypoints and directions with others
  • And more to come...

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